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5 Marketing Strategies for a Visual World

We’re surrounded by quick and easy ways to produce and share video content. As individuals, we can post most anything we choose without too much thought. But for businesses, the stakes are higher. Most likely, you are looking to sell a product, service or idea — so your video and its message must be more strategic — one that tells a story that inspires action.

Here are 5 video marketing strategies to consider for your next video:

1. Shorter videos are better

A whopping 74 percent of the value of a video ad is communicated within the first 10 seconds, s communicated within the first 10 seconds, according to Facebook and Nielsen. This means that the longer a video goes on, the less your viewers are learning. So why put energy into one lengthy video? Break your information into a series for better viewer retention.

2. A pictures is worth a thousand words

Voiceover is a powerful tool. However, if your onscreen action isn’t working hard enough to tell the story, your efforts may be wasted. Let visuals drive the narrative instead. Use text and audio as support. Consider captioning, too.

3. Know your story

Most branded videos fall within 3 primary categories: explainer (explains a process, product, or concept); promotional (promotes a product, an initiative, or a service); or emotive (elicits an emotional response or motivates action). In general, each video or motion graphic should only attempt to cover one of these three categories, or you risk muddying the message and confusing the viewer.

4. Go for custom rather than canned

Studies show that custom imagery is more effective than stock imagery. When you create a fresh experience for your viewers, they’re better able to connect with your message and your brand.

5. Be innovative in your video techniques

Today, when you’re working to create great content, there are so many more options to choose from. The choices go far beyond traditional, camera-captured video footage. You can explore virtual reality, animated motion graphics, live-action video with animation overlay, and so much more.

Blueye Productions offers creative audio-visual solutions for broadcast and web, including videography, editing, live-streams, sound and more for commercials and promos, music videos, corporate training and film. For more information on how to present your business in its best light, give us a call today.

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