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Creating Your Virtual Event

Option, options, options. Should we go live? Should we pre-record, how about a hybrid event? There are a variety of scenarios to best suit all your event needs. Whether it's an in-home zoom for an affair or a fully conceived production for a large event. Going fully live is exciting, but might have some technical or safety limitations. Pre-recorded can be more fail safe, but can be more time consuming and harder to source. There are any number of variations that can be juggled. Three things to consider: What, Where and How? What needs to be included (speeches, montages, pictures, etc). Where will it be viewed (off-site outside, hybrid (live and virtual) and how will it be implemented (platform, streaming or video link/embed. Each event is unique to it's own organizers and participants and fortunately there are a myriad of options to bring everything together. It's important to identify all your needs and then work with someone to design the best scenario to fit your program and budget for your virtual event. |

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