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Jew-Z's Groove - Hanukkah
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Jew-Z's Groove - Hanukkah iTunes: BUY JEW-Z WEAR: Legendary Rapper JEW-Z throws the most jammin' Hanukkah party around including a hard core game of gelt. Meet the rest of the posse, Shayna Maidle, The Rabbi and of course The Golem. This is an awesome video produced by Blueye Productions for Hanukkah 2011 with Jew-Z. The posse backs him up as he raps to the beat of Young MC's Bust A Move and teaches us all about the holiday and culture of Chanukah in a super duper cool way. So be sure to check out Jew-Z as he grooves to the beat and brings everyone some holiday spirit! LYRICS: This here's a tune for all the kiddies Hanukah's comin' to all your cities Eight great nites, eatin' gelt and dreidle Better behave or get a ledyl Party's poppin' people are hoppin' To the shine of the menorah we're rockin' Better move it fast yo, it's time for me So you gotta lite it up, like a Maccabee Latkes cookin', I am bookin' To the kitchen, my posse's lookin' Sufganiyot go all around But one too many and you'll hit the ground, yo! The gang is bangin' so I'm hangin' Like to play a draggin' Get up off your tush cause it's time to move So come on all my peeps it's Jew-Z grove [CHORUS] Oh Ye, Oh Ye So I'm playin' dreidle and layin' Takin' a spin and hope that it's payin' Nun, gimel, Hay, Samech that's the sayin' I hope it off pays or I'll still be prayin' Now deflated, real-ly debated Why not bust it out this shindig's over-rated But every great fighter takes a blow to the chin So you take another chance in hopes that you'll win He's really losin', might be crusin' Playin' it cool and tries to keep on schmoozin' People start to fade he can make his play So I better move it fast 'fore she gets away I say Shalom, this is Golem? Then they bust it out cause soon'll be Purim Now every great simcha has a shitach to move And what comes next, YO! Jew-Z Groove [CHORUS] If you spin it, you'll win it If you spin baby you''s Jew-Z's groove. 2x At this party, people seem hearty Guys lay bombs so they can seem farty Lay a rotten egg just to get some cred And that's, one less lavalier and you're still not wed My mojo's risin', my verizon Time to take a spin and do some Hi-fivin' Posse gets in place, I roll a hay So I take the other half and I'm on my way Some girl Shayna Maydle likes to drop the ladle She don't have the time to spin and play dreidle Chillin' on the couch, thinkin' what can she do Cause every-where she looks, she wants the next Jew So now she's really takin', home the bacon Let us not forget that Jew-Z's not fakin' Light that fire up and it's time to move It's time to Horah, Jew-Z's Groove [CHORUS] Oy vey, Oy vey... DANCE BREAK Your local Rabbi looking for the gabai Services need the guy to say Ga-bye It's time to wrap it up soon it's Hanukkah Cause you got to keep it real just for Monica So you cash shekels, say your last heckles And catch another glance, the guy with the freckles The light it the room has begun to dim Feeling like the man who can jam the rim So I start huggin' then I start shruggin' This CHANUKAH thing is cool not buggin' Now every holiday should be so fine And don't we drink it up like Manichevitz wine This party's poppin, it's still rockin' Time to get that second wind and keep it sockin' Have a few more gelt and just bust a move Cause you know what to do it's Jew-Z's Groove
"What Does Your Mom Say?" - (The Fox Song) Parody
Blueye Productions

"What Does Your Mom Say?" - (The Fox Song) Parody

Parody of the Ylvis song "What Does The Fox Say?" Produced by Blueye | Productions Directed by Roy Koriakin Co-Direction by Michael Kelberg Original Music by Ylvis Lyrics by Michael Kelberg Recored, Mixed and Mastered by Jim Cheadle Director of Photography - Dan Pennington Camera Operator - Ryan McCluskey AD/Grip - Dave Pellon Grip/Production Assistant - Steve Nailor Vocal by Nora Fitzgerald and Michael Kelberg Cast: Gal - Nora Fitzgerald Guy - Michael Kelberg Mom - Julie Chapin Kids - Benjamin Derman, Lila Kelberg, Lucas Kelberg, Benjamin Wakshul, Leah Wayne, Nina Wayne Special Thanks - The Dunkleman's, Becky Kelberg, Mira Aumiller --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics - "What Does Your Mom Say?" Turkey Breast Chocolate Gelt Taters Mashed And Latkes Fried Hanukkah Pilgrim Feast And November's just a hoot The Jews They Won And Celebrate And the Pilgrims chow, chow, chow But on this date Her Cooking Fate What Does Your Mom Say? Oy-yoy, yoy-yoy, yoy-yoy, yoy-yoy x3 What Your Mom Say? Off your butt and set the table x3 What Your Mom Say? Stop your smooching, is she Jewish? X3 What Your mom Say? I shoulda married rich 3x What Your Mom Say? Donuts made Stuffing Stuffed Kindling Lights And Football Too Hungry Hands Eat it All Suddenly She Needs to call Her Feet are Sore These Holidays It's for real the twenty-eighth We Celebrate Both Simcha Days And will be eating like a Ho-o-o-orse, Ho-o-o-orse, Ho-o-o-orse Your Mom bakes and cleans she's a Fo-o-o-o-orce, Fo-o-o-o-orce, Fo-o-o-o-orce What Your Mom Say? Take your shoes off, out my house 3X What Your Mom Say? Eenie oeenie oiney mo Catch a Tiger by the Toe If He Hollars Let Him Go What Your Mom Say? I gave birth now do the dishes 3X What Your Mom Say? JEW-Z: She Bakes Turkeys And Fries the Latkes Eight Great Nights The Pies She's Gotchas She's Your Mom You Better Feel Grateful Thankgiving's Sweet And Hanukkah's Fateful The Secret of Your Moms Turkey Latke-ees Somewhere deep in the Hood I Know Your Hiding What is Your Trick? Will We Ever Know? Will Always Be A Mystery What Do You Say You're My Holiday Angel Hiding in The Stove What Is Your Trick? Will We Ever Know? I Want To, I Want To, I Want To Know


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