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Where do I start?

Give us a call or email with any specifics you have for your project.   Whether it is a fully produced shoot, dance recital or a home video editing project, the more details the better.   Ideas, visions or even a basic set-up.  We will lead you through the whole process from any pre-production, shoot and post-production.

Can you do this, this and that?

Yes.  Generally we can accommodate most requests.  The skies the limit, though generally budget is not.  If it can be done, we'll do it.  But consider what is really most important. Flexibility and creativity can be key.  And we might surprise you with some cool ideas that can deliver what you are looking to do even if there are any limitations.

How long will it all take?

It depends.  Some basic projects, we talk one day, shoot the next and have it ready in a few days for review and completed.  Larger projects that involve more moving parts (larger crew and/or any cast) will certainly take longer. However, meeting deadlines, budgets and delivering a product you give two thumbs up on is most important.  We use the preperation time we have to create the smoothest process possible.

How much will it all cost?

If you have a specific budget it is always helpful to share as this will determine what level we can work at and also allows us to cater your production to your resources.   There are many variables and options.  However, once we have any specifics of what you are looking to create we can certainly quote you.  With all our projects we try and match your wants and needs with the best possible price.

Will I be able to use it on this, this and that?

We can handle making sure the video we shoot or audio we record is in the necessary format you need when delivered, Digitally DVD, Blu-Ray...for use on TV, Computer, Smart Phone, etc...

I want something similar to this?  Can you do that?

​If you have seen something you like or have an example of a project you'd like to share, please do. Similar to getting that new hair style and bringing your stylist a picture, it's helpful to use any resources you have.  We can use it as a jumping off-point and build off it together or go a different direction and start from scratch.  

​Do you offer rush service?

Yes.  If you are in a bind and need something completed ASAP,  we will work with you to make sure we make it happen.  There are always occasions where it just might not be physically possible, but in most cases we will work tirelessly to deliver in the time frame you need.  

Do you travel?

Yes.  We travel up and down the East Coast and beyond.  It can often be advantageous to our clients to have us travel to you saving time and money. 

Do you work remotely?

Yes.  In our digital world it's become increasingly easier to handle and transfer footage.  Raw, edited, etc. We can accommodate a variety of remote scenarios.  With videographers all over the country we can gather footage, edit and transfer as though we were right in your back yard. 

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