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Virtually Changing Times

Everyone has had to make a left turn and evolve on the fly. Like every business we are responding with the state of our current affairs. With so many things up the air and the challenges we are all juggling, Blueye Productions has been active in responding to our client's needs. Being creative and innovative has been our call to action. How can we do this, how do we do that? Can this be done? We've have taken the call and have been providing services from full production multi-camera live streaming for religious services to virtual programs for area organizations completely developed and programmed off-site. Whether it is a business or personal event we have been given the opportunity to brainstorm and create specialized services these past several months. Working together, with an open mind and little elbow grease has allowed us to keep our client's projects up-to-speed and moving forward with socially distancing options to cater each customer's scenarios. We are excited to keep moving forward to together and helping all those that need a helping hand with all our standard services and creative solutions.

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