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Acting 101+ classes are a comprehensive and practical approach to the craft and business of acting. What it really takes to create and sustain an on-camera acting career, including the formal acting training needed as well as the wealth of knowledge necessary to advance in the business. This is a great opportunity to save time and resources and learn what truly is involved to sustain an acting career in a fun and supportive environment for both adults and kids. Classes will work in three parts each week including working with scripts/copy, business basics and Q & A. Learn the tricks of the trade.


Michael Kelberg is a working/repped actor (FBI, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, FOR LIFE), writer, director and producer with 20+ years in TV and Film, Commercial/Industrial/Print (100+). A former camp counselor and youth advisor (10+ years) he has experience with all ages.  He is well versed on the challenges and consistent changes in the industry and is sensitive to the time and expense involved in creating an acting career. As owner of Blueye Productions he also brings experience from both sides of the camera offering a unique perspective to the craft of acting. He is a dad of a tween and teen and resides in South Jersey with his wife Becky (a social worker) and dog Stella.

INDUSTRY GUESTS and AGENT NIGHT:  Periodically a guest teacher, casting director, agent or manager may join our class for educational purposes only.  An Agent Night (audition for an agent) may be organized where scheduling allows. 


  • Technique/Script Analysis: How to create an honest and grounded performance for auditions and on set. 

  • The Biz:  Understanding all the ins-and-outs to help navigate through the business side of acting, which is often overlooked. 

  • Q & A:  There are so many questions to be asked and answered for students and parents with kids.  


  • Classes are designed for all levels to work in conjunction with each other and are a great compliment to theatre training.  

  • Though this is professional training, we provide a relaxed, supportive environment, where we will all work together.

  • Students will work on-camera each week and are assigned copy prior to class or given cold copy during class. 

  • Parents are welcome to accompany their children during class, but we ask that they only observe. 

  • Kids and adults working together offer a real world environment to learn together. 


  • A computer/Ipad or phone.  A quiet area without distractions and with decent lighting in front of you.  It is suggested to not sit in front of a light source. i.e. patio door with the sun shining in...


  • Classes will NOT be recorded unless specifically requested by a student for their own use. 


  • Classes must be paid in full prior to beginning of each session.  

  • For late registration/entry it will be prorated for each week.

  • Additional classes may be added or subtracted monthly depending on registration.  

  • A make-up class is available for missed weeks.  

  • If the instructor needs to reschedule a class for any reason, a make-up class will be offered.  

  • If students are unable to accommodate a make-up, credit will be given. 

  • All students are expected to behave in a supportive and professional manner.  We are here for each other. 


  • A link will be emailed no later than the day before each class.  Issues please EMAIL: or TEXT: 917-749-4583.


CONTACT:  Please email SUBJECT: Class with any questions. 

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